Sale Shopping Guide – Top Tips and Fashion Haul


Sale shopping…you either love it or hate it. Me? I’d say I love and hate it. There’s nothing worse than going to the shops after Christmas and clothes are literally lying everywhere and people are barging in to you to get a good rummage and bargain, whilst sales assistants are nowhere to be seen or help. On the flip side, there is no better feeling than snapping up a good bargain. It really is up there with one of my favourite feelings – sad I know.

So, what are my top tips and what did I manage to pick up in the sales this year without having to deal with the terror of sale shopping?

I managed to scoop up a couple of items in the COS sale whilst sourcing clothes for a photoshoot. If you’ve ever shopped in COS or even went in for a look you’ll have noticed that it’s hard to find anything under £80 – but I did! I got a box fit t-shirt and an oversized dress (pictured above) for a total of £44. Mega bargain! Both are amazing quality and perfect to throw on but still look great.


After months and months of wanting ‘Mom’ jeans and trying multiple pairs on, I finally found myself a pair in the Topshop sale for £22.50 (including a student discount). I mean can you say bargain or what? I was reluctant for ages to buy a pair because me being slim nor ‘cool’, I didn’t think they’d be that flattering on me. However, after finding a pair at that price I couldn’t say no and I’m super glad I did buy them because I absolutely love them. (Also pictured with COS box fit t-shirt above).



I also got my hands on these pair of real leather boots from Zara, which I instantly fell in love with when I saw them. The original price of them was £120 so I couldn’t say no when they were reduced to only £50. They’re really comfy but also edgy with the design which makes them look expensive. Overall a pretty good purchase.

Now for a couple of tips, I’d recommend not rushing to the sales as soon as they’re announced. Most people think that you’ll get the best bargains or the first pick of clothing but its not always true. A lot of brands do a few ‘drops’ as they call it, of sale clothing meaning even after a few weeks they’ll add more clothing to the sale. They also tend to start reducing the prices further after the sale has been on for a few weeks so you have a better chance to find some gems if you hold off and wait. Sales assistants also have more time to rearrange and tidy sale items once the sale rush has calm down, allowing you to get a better look at what’s on offer.

Check back for more sale and fashion tips, and to see what I’ve been wearing. Also feel free to ask me anything.

Happy sale shopping!


Rebecca x

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