Weekly Summary – 11th-18th February

So this week was super busy for me with loads of exciting things that I thought you guys would love to hear about, including some new buys, beauty treatments and a little bit about what I do when I’m not blogging.

So I decided to try summarise my week into one blog post for you’s to see exactly what happens in the life of ‘Styled By Rebeca’.

When I’m not taking pictures for my blog I’m still in front of the camera. If you had the chance to look at my story at the beginning of the week you would have seen that on Monday I was modelling for a hair salon based out in Renfrew, The Hair Boutique. The team created some gorgeous bridal looks on me, so if you’re getting married any time soon make sure to check them out. They really did a fantastic job!

Still sticking to the fashion industry, when Im not modelling I also do fashion styling. On Tuesday I styled a photo shoot to create art work for the Radisson hotels, so that should be really cool when it comes out.

Everyone alwaaaaays ask me what do I prefer when it comes to modelling and fashion styling. However I can honestly say I really enjoy both. It gives me a good balance of work and allows me to understand the bigger picture of a photo shoot being infront and behind of the camera. It’s also ideal with both roles and my blog all related to the fashion industry so I can link them together at times.

Enough about me, lets talk about the exciting stuff! I got some new booties! Yes, I got myself a pair of Jimmy Choo biker boots which are INSANEE! If you managed to read one of my latest posts ‘Sale Shopping Guide’ you’ll probably now know that I’m a sucker for a bargain. I was going to buy these boots just before Christmas but I ended up buying another pair instead and I’m sooo glad I did. Because they went into the sale which meant I got to get two pairs of boots woo!

After spending my Friday morning shopping it got even better. I then went and received my fourth session of laser hair removal. Again I wrote a post about ‘Why you Should be Getting Laser Hair Removal’ so make sure to check that out if you’re considering the treatment. I really do love it!

I also tried out a new nail salon who I think I’ve fallen in love with! I rarely ever get my nails done because my natural nails are really oily meaning that whenever I get a gel polish I’m lucky if I get any longer than 3-4 days out of it- nightmare I know! However when I went into OMG Nails I explained my problem and she was really helpful in suggesting what to get done but also how often I should be keeping on top of my nails. And of course how beaut is the French Ombre?! So if you’re looking for a nail salon in Glasgow make sure to hit up OMG Nails, based on Hope St.

My pamper day continued to lastly receiving the most incredible facial by ’33 Dowanhill’. I can honestly say I’ve never received anything like it. Joanna was incredibly knowledgable not only about skincare products but also could tell me in detail everything about my skin, why it’s not been behaving recently and what I can do about it. I think theres nothing more refreshing than seeing someone who is genuinely passionate about what she does allowing me to leave feeling truly confident about how to get the best from my skin. It certainly wasn’t just your standard facial and I would recommend anyone who is interested in getting the most out of their skin to invest and pay ‘33 Dowanhill’ a visit – it’s worth every penny!


As always, any questions please do get in touch!

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca x

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