4 Products You Need Right Now

4 Products You Need Right Now


As you can imagine through modelling I’m constantly getting my make-up done meaning different products are getting used on me all the time. I always love asking make-up artists for recommendations especially if I love my makeup as they must always be trying out new products and brands themselves. Recently I updated my beauty/makeup bag with some products that have been used on me and but also that I’ve noticed have been in many make-up artists kits and I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites that are must-haves in your beauty bags.


Estee Lauder 8 Hour Spin Protectant – £18

First off… The Estee Lauder 8 Hour Skin Protectant is literally my favourite product ever. I don’t know any make-up artist that doesn’t have this product in their kit so definitely one to invest in. What does it do you ask? Pretty much everything from moisturising and restoring chapped lips to styling your brows.  With the constant cold weather right now it’s perfect for moisturising dry skin also.


Sara Hill Velvet Sheer Foundation – £30

One thing I always struggle with and I’ve noticed so many other girls do too is finding the right foundation. I’ve literally tried everything from MAC to Dior but finally settled on an Arbonne liquid foundation surprisingly enough. I loved how light it was on my skin but I could also build it up to wear on a night out. But with every product your skin becomes used to it so I thought I’d try something else. And I’ve found the one. The Velvet Sheer Foundation by Sara Hill is to die for. Its super lightweight and moisturising, everything I need in a foundation. Definitely one to try out if you’re looking for a newbie.


Soap Brows Kit – £10

Every time I go to get my eyebrows done they always manage to make them much thinner than I would like so I decided to take the hit and not get my brows waxed or threaded for as long as possible. I’m currently sitting at 3 months and counting but once you get past the awkward messy stage they look amazing! However my brow roots are super thick so your average eyebrow just doesn’t hold them in to the brushed out look I love. I seen this “soap” craze online so thought I’d give it a try but with a brow specific soap product and I love it. If you’re lucky and have a good set of brows to style then you need this product!


JL Formulations Tinted Moisturiser – £32.50

And finally… Another love of mines. The JL Formulations Tinted Moisturiser. My sister who is a beautician uses this products on her clients after facials or any treatments that may cause redness in the skin. After she used it on me after a derma planning treatment I had to buy it for myself. It’s the perfect product to wear when your skin needs a break from makeup or you want just a little bit of colour. Instead of looking like you have a tint of foundation on it gives you a natural glowy tan.


If you have any other products you’d recommend make sure to get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

R x


Ps. My nails are by the fab Gemma at OMG! Nails Glasgow



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