‘SUCCESS’ – Why I Made A Vision Board and Why You Should Too.

To start brutally honest, my 14 year old “I’ll be driving a Range Rover when I’m 21” self would be incredibly disappointed that I’ve got to the fine age of 24 (25 in a couple of months) and I’m just plodding along not challenging to push myself in life. From a young age, I would like to think I was always very motivated and knew I wanted to achieve so many things when I grew older – I wanted to be successful. Don’t get me wrong, like everyone else I thought I’d have my sh*t together by now, I’d be a ‘proper’ adult, possibly married, most definitely settled in a career but here we are…

But what exactly is success? It means something different to everyone. And last week I had some sort of realisation that I knew I was capable of so much more. More money, more freedom, more happiness. I knew I had to keep on pushing myself to grow and get to where I wanted to be, everything from my career, relationships and my genuine wellbeing. This is where the vision board comes in.

So if you don’t already know, a vision board is basically a collation of images pinned to a board of everything you want in life. Whether that be to have more financial freedom, travel more or simply just be a little more happier. Most people create or adjust their vision board at the beginning of the year when setting their goals but its now the end May and I’ve just started so its never a wrong time to do it.

Where does this all come from you ask? The Law Of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction is based on the philosophy of you’ll attract into your life whatever you give your energy, focus and attention to – wanted or unwanted. Therefore you must become deliberate about what you think and feel about hence the vision board. Keeping everything I want in the fore front of my mind and being able to visually see it will hopefully manifest into real time.

So whats on my vision board? What does success mean to me? Everything from how I want to feel, to what I want to achieve whether it be within a year or 5 to become my own version of successful.
But to summarise…

  • Travel More
  • Financial freedom
  • Continue to be happy
  • Be healthier (Food/Exercise)
  • Travel more with work
  • Get a new car
  • Grow my career

Below is my vision board where you’ll be able to see everything I’ve listed put down visually. I’ve hung this up right next to my bed so every morning when I wake up it will be the first thing I see. I believe this is definitely something we should all be doing to create a life that we truly desire. I hope this post inspires you to go away and make your own vision board if you don’t already have one or at least to question whats your version of success. And please please do share with me yours, if you have already made one or do so after reading this post.

As always, thanks for reading.

R x

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