Too many clothes but nothing to wear? ​

Yes, it sounds familiar. That feeling of distress whilst raiding your wardrobe? Well it doesn’t have to be.  A wardrobe edit will allow you to declutter your space whilst building your confidence to set you on the path to lighter, freer, and better living.

​A wardrobe edit will not only save you money and time, as you wear more of what you already own, you will spend less time feeling frustrated and exclaiming: “I have nothing to wear!!” but also give you more confidence in your day-to-day choices as you will mix and match more successfully.

​Each wardrobe consultation will identify the different looks you need and the clothes that suit your lifestyle.

We will discuss how to maximise your wardrobe and suggest new items to bring it up to date. If you don’t already have one, we will show you how to have the perfect capsule wardrobe. You will be left with the colours, shapes, styles that work for you allowing you to feel at ease when picking your perfect outfit.

How it works:

– We’ll first have a chat about what you’d like to achieve from your wardrobe consultation.

– We will sort your clothes in terms of whether you love, like or loathe them, how recently/frequently they have been worn, their colour, their style and their fit.

– We’ll then work our way through your wardrobe, trying on things as we go and editing what is to be kept.

-I’ll be able to suggest which tops to put with which bottoms and accessories so that you can be inspired to try new outfit combinations too.

– We’ll also make a note of anything you might need that would really help pull things together.​

– By the end you’ll be left with a capsule wardrobe full of clothes that you both like and that suit you, allowing you to feel confident when dressing.


PRICE ON REQUEST – Get in touch for more information.